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Proudly Recognizing Our Supporters

Executech Solutions LLC leveraged a highly successful Kickstarter campaign to advance the game of Skeehole from an idea to reality.  In total, over one hundred individuals pledged their support to help introduce Skeehole to the marketplace.  We proudly recognize these early adopters for their confidence and contributions.  Our goal is to make Skeehole a popular game at tailgates, beaches and friendly gatherings, and these individuals helped to jump start our journey by kicking off the Skeehole Surge!

Our top Medal of Honor contributors:  Bob Metz (IL), Tim & Teri Grinder (NC), Jim & Cherie Shearouse (PA), Mike & Jennifer Wagner (NC), Tim & Jennifer Warneke (NC), Ray & Robin Klumb (NC), Chuck & Marion Buis (VA), Jay & Julie Nelson (NC), Kevin Francis (VA), Dave & Debbie Watson (DE), Peter Shearouse (AL), Jim & Anne Nee (NC), Stan Misthios (ON), Scott & Jean Jamison (NC), Dolores Smith (NC), James Shearin (NC)

Our terrific Hall of Fame contributors:  Andres Arteta (NC), Robert Baric (NC), Gary Bawden (NC), George Bednarz (NC), Marsha Bidoglio (NY), Steve Budd (NJ), Greg Budnack (NC), Mam Buonpane (NC), Kris Burns (NC), Lawrence Cleaver (NC), Linda Corbo (PA), Kelly Dawson (NC), Sondra Devincenzo (NC), Dean DiLillo (NC), Bruce Disbrow (IL), Kevin & Denise Donohue (MD), Emily Donnelly (NC), Luke Engle (NC), Brendan Floyd (MD), Peter J. Floyd (NC), Craig & Ashley Francis (AZ), Kay Galloway (NC), Robert-Janette & Annan Gass (RI), Ralph Geiger (NC), Jit Gosh (SC), Stephanie Graham (WI), Amy Breidenbach Green (MN), Gale Hadaway (GA), Tim Hadaway (GA), Evan L. Haines (PA), Harrington Family (NC), Charles High (NC), Bob Hoff (NC), Sally Powell Huegel (NC), Stephen Jamison (PA), Alex Johnson (NC), Frank Johnson (PA), David Joyner (NC), Kyle Koscielniak (LA), David & Kathleen Kubly (NC), Maggie LeBeau (CO), Fred & Lynn Leach (NC), Dan Mekuria (NC), Peter & Claire Metz (FL), Dave Moore (IL), Jerri Moore-Platis (NC), Moretz Family (NC), Sawsan Mustafa (NC), John Nolan (PA), Sandra Obelsky (AZ), Judy Olfano (NV), Dave Polaski (NC), Oscar W. Richard (LA), Kathy Roark (NC), Richard G. Rose (PA), Deb Ryan (PA), Brian Sarkisian (PA), Bill Sewell (NC), Rachael Shearouse (DC), Diane Smith (VA), Bill Spellman (NC), H. Bryant Stoneham (NC), Jennifer Stogran (PA), Tefft Family (NC), Alan Toll (CA), Donna Towles (NC), Mike Tracy (NC), Chayne VandeZande (AL), Buff Walker (FL), Kurt Wargin (NC), Michael Watson (VA), Mark Williams (NC), Charlie Wynne (NC), and many other supporters who have elected to remain anonymous.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who pledged their support!  The Skeehole Surge continues!