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The Skeehole Journey

Born in North Carolina, Skeehole is an American game, versatile and playable almost anywhere.  Our recreational product (US Patent #9248357) is designed to fit any standard Cornhole board, creating a new and innovative tailgate tossing game.  But if you don't have Cornhole boards, or don't want to lug them, Skeehole outdoor games are playable in your yard, at the beach, or even in your pool.  Skeehole Gameboards are lightweight, portable and easy to carry, and the game is played with the unique Skeehole Game Balls.  You will have no problem transporting the game to any event and you'll be the center of attention at the next party, tailgate, or friendly gathering!

Manufactured in the USA with recyclable plastic materials, Skeehole is high quality, durable, long lasting and fairly priced.  We have gone out of our way to ensure our suppliers and manufacturers are primarily based in North Carolina.  In fact, we are extremely proud to be working directly with a NC division of Industries of the Blind, with whom we eagerly support through the production of our game balls.

Photo of Original Skeehole Thermoform Design -  Douglas Fabrication & Machine -  Wendell,  NC

Skeehole is an Executech Solutions LLC (ETS) product.  At ETS, we are working hard to support USA businesses and local communities.  The mission of Executech Solutions LLC (ETS) is to introduce innovative products and services to the marketplace under the mantra of "Make It New".  Our product and service offerings include product design, development and sales with a specific focus on retail and software product innovation.

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